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Busy busy busy.

May 15, 2012

The National Stationery Show is only a few days away, which means that I’ve been running around in a state of perpetual nervousness/panic/excitement/panic/PANIC trying to get everything done before Sunday. Thank goodness graciousness builder-extraordinaire/super-hero Ariele is helping me build the booth and not lose my head entirely.

I would say I’m 95 percent ready, 5 percent representing BUILDING AN ENTIRE BOOTH FROM SCRATCH. I know, I’m a little behind schedule. But things have been complicated because, you see, I’ve officially filled up every cubic inch of my studio and there is no room at all to do anything in there anymore. I’ve even converted my living-room into a work area, but I seem to devour space like one of these ever-expanding nuclear clouds. There is no containment possible. The only option is more space! Of course this is a problem New Yorkers encounter on a daily basis, and though for the past two months I’ve been desperately looking for a bigger studio (that Ariele and I plan on sharing!), no dice so far.

So short of other options, we’re building the booth in a friend’s wood shop. Time and space are limited, but Ariele and I are good, fast, hard workers. Also, we might not get too much sleep in the next three days. But everything will work out in the end.



(Oh and I still have to write about the last leg of my West Coast road trip (San Francisco and the Giants), I’ll get to it after the NSS. You can read about the first stop, San Diego, here, and the second stop, Joshua Tree and Los Angeles, there.)

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  1. May 15, 2012 4:14 PM

    Good luck at the NSS & with all the bananas last minute prep! Looking forward to seeing how the booth turned out on THE WEB. Love those card boxes.

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