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About Left Field Cards

Left Field Cards is a one-woman operation run by  Amelie Mancini, a painter and printmaker originally from France. After moving from Paris to NYC in 2006, she became an avid Mets fan and has produced several paintings on the subject of sports in general, and baseball in particular. After finishing her Sacrebleu! Napoleon would have made a fine shortstop series of paintings, she took on a new project and started Left Field Cards in the fall of 2011.

A hand printed twist on the baseball cards loved and collected by generations of fans of all ages, these Left Field Cards are also postcards: they’re 4 by 6 inches and have space on the back for a note, address and stamp. Ready to be mailed to your baseball friends, put in a frame (preferably gilded), or simply slapped on your fridge door. Hey, it’s your house! Do what you want.

Each series of Left Field Cards consists of ten cards, divided into two packs of five cards each. The first series “Bizarre Injuries” features ten players who got hurt off the field in very unusual ways. All true! The second series “Edible All-Stars” features ten players whose last name is a food. The next series, “Marvelous Moustaches” will come out on May 3rd. On deck: “Curious Second Careers” and “Formidable Females”.

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  1. September 25, 2012 5:51 AM

    I recently discovered ‘Ariele’ who led me to you!!! Jackpot! Oh what fun! Best wishes!!!


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